Avec Les Filles translates to "with the girls" in French, which is a perfect descriptor of this powerful clothing brand. The Avec Les Filles women's fashion collection is inspired by fearless women of the past, present, and future. If you're shopping for bold clothing items to fill out your closet, you'll find plenty of stunning options in the Avec Les Filles collection available from QVC.

Avec Les Filles combines classic lines with bright colors, patterns, and fabrics. Enjoy jackets with a peacoat cut in rich faux fur or leather styles complemented with denim accents. Outerwear gets a new pop of interest in these distinctive designs that pair unlikely combinations of materials and patterns to give you a look that's high fashion. Long or short, these coats can give you the coverage you want with the head-turning details that you're craving.

Complete your outfit with Avec Les Filles dresses to tuck under your striking outerwear. Make sure your animal print coat or long fur jacket has something gorgeous underneath so your look is as sophisticated indoors as out. You'll find a wide selection of fashionable women's apparel in this collection that has the bold touch you need to create a look all your own.