Unless otherwise stated, pricing shown does not include shipping & handling or applicable sales tax.

“As Is” Price

A product with an “As Is” Price may be a customer return, vendor sample, discontinued inventory, or on-air display and is not in its originally manufactured condition. It may not be new. In some instances, these items are repackaged by QVC. Accordingly, the manufacturer may not honor any original warranty. However, QVC's standard return policy still applies. A card will be included in your package explaining these points in greater detail.

Advance Order Price

When a product is not yet ready to ship, QVC may offer it at an Advance Order Price, making it available to be ordered now and then delivered at a future date.

Beauty iQ Steal®

Discover something beautiful every time you shop, including our Beauty iQ Steal® - a must-have for your makeup bag offered at an exceptional value at least 30% off the QVC® Price. But our Beauty iQ Steal is available for a limited time, or while supplies last, so nab yours before someone else does! Discover your own true beauty with the help of our Beauty iQ Steal.

Big DealSM

At QVC®, savings are a big deal every day. That’s why our Big DealSM is one you won’t want to miss. It could be anything… something for you or your home. Something you’ve never seen before or something you just can’t do without. Shop for it on air and online for a limited time or while supplies last, and get it before it’s gone. That’s our Big Deal.

Black Friday Sale Price

We will offer items at low Black Friday Sale Prices in celebration of our Black Friday and holiday events.


Bonus BuySM

There’s SO much to love about QVC®, including our weekly Bonus BuysSM, some of our best deals of the week that are too good to miss. Check them out anytime on QVC.com Monday through Sunday or while supplies last, and tune in to QVC2® for live looks at our Bonus Buys throughout the week.

Buy More, Save More

When you order one Buy More, Save More item at the current price, you'll get a discount on each additional quantity you purchase in the same order and shipped to the same address.* The more you buy, the more you save with Buy More, Save More items on QVC.

*Returns Information: If you return all items from a Buy More, Save More order, you will be refunded the full price of the first eligible item and the discounted price of the remaining items. If you return a portion of the items, all the returned items will be refunded at the discounted price.

Clearance Price

We need to make room for brand-new merchandise, so we're offering low clearance prices on this first-quality merchandise.

Clearance Sale Price

We need to make room for brand-new merchandise, so we’re offering a low Clearance Sale Price on this first-quality item, but only for a limited time.

Comparable Retail Value

The Comparable Retail Value represents a comparison-shopped price for other merchandise of like grade and quality to the item being advertised.

Cyber Sale Price

We will offer items at low Cyber Sale Prices for a limited time in celebration of our Cyber Sale.

Deal Drop

Shop our Deal Drop for savings as we “drop” a new assortment of limited-time Sale Prices each week.

Easy Pay® Offers

    Enjoy Now

  • With an Easy Pay offer, you can receive an item now and pay monthly installments at no extra charge.
  • Pay with your QCard®, major credit card, or PayPal account.

    Pay Over Time

  • The item price, S&H, and applicable taxes will be divided by the specified number of payments.
  • The first installment will be billed when the item ships & approximately every 30 days thereafter to the QCard, credit card, or PayPal account used on the order.
  • Billing dates are set according to the ship date; future billing dates can’t be customized or changed.

    0% Interest

  • QVC does not assess interest charges or fees on Easy Pay.
  • However, use of your QCard or other credit card for Easy Pay payments may result in interest charges and other fees in accordance with the terms and conditions of your individual credit card agreements.

Easy Pay offers are subject to QVC approval based on a number of factors, including item type, price, and payment history. QVC may obtain a consumer report about you from a credit reporting agency and review this report to determine whether you can use Easy Pay. If we decide that you cannot use Easy Pay based on this report, we will notify you and you will be given an opportunity to pay for the item with a single payment. If we obtain a consumer report about you, it will be a "soft inquiry" that should not affect your credit score. If you have any account or order questions, please contact our Customer Service Team at 888.345.5788.

Prepaid cards may not be available as a payment method for items purchased with Easy Pay. Easy Pay cannot be used on any items purchased at QVC employee, outlet, or subsidiary stores. Easy Pay cannot be used for prior purchases or combined with other Easy Pay offers or QCard Special Financing. Other exclusions and restrictions may apply.

You can manage your Easy Pay orders when visiting Order Status or you can call Customer Service at 888.345.5788. If you have not yet created a password for your QVC account, you’ll need to do so in order to sign in and manage your Easy Pay orders. Adding a password is easy and secure. Simply choose “password” from the Account Settings page within My Account and follow the prompts.

Event Price

We celebrate many of our events by offering our customers a limited-time price valid on select items.


Final Sale Price

With only limited quantity, sizes and/or colors left in stock, these items are offered at a Final Sale Price and may not be returned nor exchanged. QVC’s Return Policy does not apply to Final Sale Price items. QVC will only accept returns or exchanges for product defects or QVC errors. Call Customer Service at 888-345-5788 for such returns.


Holiday Surprise Price

One of the many surprises and delights about holiday shopping at QVC® is the opportunity to take advantage of our Holiday Surprise Price on select items. A Holiday Surprise Price pops up unexpectedly and offers a savings off the QVC Price that’s only valid for a limited time or until the item has sold out, whichever occurs first. But like the holidays, our Holiday Surprise Price won’t last long, so shop early to save.

Holiday Weekend Deal

We’re celebrating this event with limited time, Holiday Weekend Deals valid on select items. Take advantage of these savings now, because when the event ends, so do our Holiday Weekend Deals.

If Purchased Separately Price

The If Purchased Separately Price is the price that a product with multiple components (for example, a 5-piece kit) would be expected to sell for if each individual component were valued separately and those values were then totaled. The If Purchased Separately price does not take into account the pricing of other multi-component products at retail that may contain some of the same component items.


Lowest Price of the Season

Take advantage of savings now for a limited time as we offer our Lowest Price of the Season on select items.

Lowest Price We Found

Part of QVC’s mission is to provide great value, which means offering products for sale at prices lower than other retailers whenever possible. When you see Lowest Price We Found on a product, it means that the price at which QVC is selling the product was the lowest our team found when they comparison-shopped the product. Our team comparison shops products three to five business days before offering them for sale. The online U.S. retailers at which we comparison shop our products are Target, Walmart, Amazon, Bed Bath And Beyond, Overstock, Kohl’s, Wayfair, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Sephora, Ulta, Best Buy, Staples, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Michaels, and Williams Sonoma. After QVC has offered the product for sale at the Lowest Price We Found, our team continues to monitor the online price of the product at these select retailers. As long as QVC’s price remains the lowest out of these retailers, QVC may still indicate that its price is the Lowest Price We Found.

Lunchtime Specials®

Every day, we're serving up Lunchtime Specials®, featuring first-quality items at a low Lunchtime Special Price. But quantities, selection, colors and sizes are limited and prices expire daily at 11:59pm ET —so place your order now. And, come back daily to see what's new on the menu as we bring you a fresh batch of Lunchtime Specials! 

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price ("MSRP") is a price that is based upon the supplier's representation of value. No sales may have been made at this price.

On-Air Testimonials

At QVC, we like to go to the phones during our shows to hear what you have to say about our products. Because these phone calls are live and uncensored, QVC cannot substantiate and, therefore, cannot be held responsible for claims made by viewers.

One Time Only Price

One of the many surprises and delights about shopping QVC® is the opportunity to take advantage of our One Time Only Price on select items. A One Time Only Price pops up unexpectedly and offers a savings off the QVC Price that’s only valid until the end of the show in which it appears or until the item has sold out, whichever occurs first. It’s the lowest price you’ll see on that item for three months. But our One Time Only Price goes up at the end of the show, so shop early in the show to save.

Online Special Deal

Love shopping QVC.com and the QVC® apps? Now there’s even more to love with our Online Special Deal – a great buy at a low price for a limited time. Get in on our Online Special Deal now while supplies last, and visit QVC.com and the QVC apps to learn more.

Pre-Season Price

Take advantage of savings now before the start of the new season with this limited time Pre-Season Price valid on select items.


Primetime Specials®

Every night from 6pm-Midnight ET is your time for Primetime Specials®, featuring first-quality items at a Low Primetime Special Price. But quantities, selection, colors, and sizes are limited—so place your order now before the price goes up at Midnight ET and come back nightly to check out the latest Primetime Specials. 

QVC® Price

At QVC®, “Value” has been our middle name since Day One.
But Value is about more than just price.
It means we’re committed to working tirelessly to leverage our global buying power, so we can consistently offer you the everyday value of our QVC Price on everyday essentials, as well as exciting discoveries for you, your family and friends.

Retail Value

The Retail Value represents an actual comparison-shopped price for the item being advertised on the first day QVC offered the item for sale. Other retailers may have since dropped their prices and customers should comparison shop on their own if they wish to. The Retail Value does not necessarily represent the prevailing retail price in every community, and does not represent a price at which QVC will sell a product.

Sale Price

We reserve Sale Price for some of our best values, but only for a limited time.

Sale Spotlight

Nothing’s better than nabbing something on sale, so we’re spotlighting some of our best and biggest savings. If it’s a Sale Spotlight, then you know it’s one of our top Sale-Priced items. But shop now before the light dims on these limited time savings.

Supersize Value

Supersize Value represents an estimated retail value based on the price per ounce of the identical product selling in the next smaller size down, without a volume discount. Supersize Value does not necessarily represent a price at which QVC will sell the product.

Today Only Price

One of the many surprises and delights about shopping QVC® is the opportunity to take advantage of our Today Only Price on select items. A Today Only Price pops up unexpectedly* and offers a savings off the QVC Price that’s only valid until the end of the day or until the item has sold out, whichever occurs first. It’s the lowest price you’ll see on that item for three months. But our Today Only Price goes up at the end of the day, so shop early in the day to save.

*Select items with a Today Only Price may be previewed or pre-sold in advance.

Today's Special Value®

What’s Today’s Special Value®?
Every day, we pick one must-have item we think you’ll love with a story we can’t wait to share.
And what’s the most special thing about Today’s Special Value? It’s at a special low price that’s good for today ONLY.
And tomorrow? It’s a brand-new chance for you to discover our next great Today’s Special Value, kicking off at midnight ET.
One great item. One-day price. Special every day.
That’s Today’s Special Value.

Try Me Price®

At QVC®, we make it easier and more affordable to discover brands and products you’ve never sampled before when we offer them at our Try Me Price®. Limited to one per customer so more have the opportunity to save for a limited time with this special Try Me Price.


When you see Value advertised on a product, it refers to either a Retail Value or an If Purchased Separately Price. These are not prices at which QVC will sell the product and do not represent the prevailing price in every community, but instead, represent actual comparison-shopped prices for the item being advertised.

Weekend Bonus Value℠

Have you heard about the Weekend Bonus Value℠? It doesn’t pop up every weekend. But when it does, it’s an extra item offered at a special value—selected to make your weekend extra special. Check it out on air, online and on the QVC® Apps. We’ll present it Friday through Sunday—but if you want it, don’t delay! Like the weekend, it’s bound to go quickly.

While Supplies Last Price

QVC received a great deal from the vendor on this item, and we're passing the savings on to you for a limited time at this low While Supplies Last Price. The quantities available are limited, so take advantage of this low price While Supplies Last.