Dear Valued Customer:

We've heard your feedback regarding accessibility to our digital platforms. We're currently working towards releasing software within the Web Content Authoring Guidelines under the American's with Disabilities Act. We're striving to give every individual the same universal experience regardless of how they access our platforms, and are actively working on updates to accomplish our commitment to all of our customers.

Helpful Accessibility Tips

  • When using the JAWS screen reader while on the web, the Internet Explorer browser typically works best; when using the NVDA screen reader while on the web, the Firefox browser typically works best.
  • Install software updates as soon as possible.
  • Explore accessibility features and settings available in Windows and Macintosh systems, as well as in the major browsers.
  • If you use a screen reader, explore the speech verbosity and sound settings for symbol, special character, and tooltip content.
  • When the website experience with one assistive technology and browser combination is less than desirable, try using a different browser or assistive technology application or both.
  • Open PDF documents in a PDF application with support for the PDF/UA standard.

If you need further assistance, please call 888-345-5788 or email us at