Kids love adorable Calico Critters for their fun stories about, among other things, making birthday cakes, having a thank-you party in a luxury townhome, and going to the Calico Critters Village Supermarket. Parents love them for their wholesome, timeless quality. Realistic, flocked, and posable rabbits, chipmunks, cats, alpacas, poodles, yellow Labradors, otters, and more, live, work, and have hobbies and parties in Calico Village. A variety of different animal families live in the village, each sure to delight your child.

Calico Critters toys have stories and live and play in settings such as Adventure Tree House, Village Pizzeria, and Baby Castle Playground. The incredibly detailed Town Series features a Grand Department Store, Ride Along Tram, and accessories such as Light up Street Lamp, and a Tea and Treat set with table and chairs. A lovely toy chest is an excellent place in which to store all your Calico Critters characters and sets.

Older children might want to create their own Calico Critters stories in a journal. The many stories of Calico Critters include 'How the Silk Cats Got Their House,' 'Oak Wood Home,' and when the Hopscotch Rabbit, Silk Cat, and Hazelnut Chipmunk families went to the Lakeside Lodge and saw shooting stars