If you're looking for an innovative system to remove mosquito, fly, moth, wasp, hornet, or stink bug populations, look no further than DynaTrap® insect traps at QVC. These indoor and outdoor traps use light, warmth, and carbon dioxide to lure bugs toward them, then a fan and one-way trap door capture the insects. The pests will stay in the easy-to-remove container at the base of the trap until you're ready to dispose of them, so you can enjoy your outdoor time undisturbed.

The DynaTrap® insect trap has been proven effective through independent testing against flying pests over areas of up to 1 acre. The size of the area depends on the model you choose. They run on electricity, rather than propane or chemical cartridges, so all you have to do is plug them in. Plus, you won't have to worry about the traps catching beneficial pollinator bugs such as butterflies or honeybees, as the lures don't attract them.

Unless you interrupt their life cycle, mosquitoes can increase in number very quickly. Take your yard back from these biting bugs and others with DynaTrap®. Make sure your family, friends, and guests aren't pestered by insects during your next fun gathering.