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Sprinklers and adjustable hose nozzles put the power in your hands to direct water where you want it to go. Hand-push mowers and clippers will keep your lawn looking neat. The Gardena hose line includes connectors, telescopic wands, and hose reels that will help you keep everything neat and packed away when you're not at work in the yard. Enjoy the sunny weather and fresh air while developing a hobby by gardening on the weekends. Gardena tools minimize the hassle of yard work while maximizing the fun. They are engineered for quiet but effective use. Create a backyard space that you will love using for picnics, soccer games, barbecues, and more.

Gardena garden tools make a thoughtful gift for friends and family with green thumbs who love outdoor items. Plus, check out QVC's video tutorials now to learn all kinds of tips and tricks for hassle-free gardening and put your new Gardena tools to work today.