Whether you're shopping for home décor or a fun gift, Diamond Dotz offers tons of creative and colorful options. From pillow art to wall art, QVC has all the Diamond Dotz kits you want.

Calling all animal lovers! Get ready to fall head over heels for turtle, piglet, butterfly, and many more Diamond Dotz pillow art kits. These fun and engaging craft sets come with printed fabric pillow covers, a signature stylus, a wax caddy, and all the Diamond Dotz you need to complete the design. Just use the stylus and the included wax to apply the dots to the fabric, and you'll have an eye-catching pillow cover in no time.

Prefer art you can use to decorate the walls instead? You'll love our selection of art kits, which feature designs ranging from classic still lifes and stunning creatures to seasonal pictures and abstract layouts. You can even recreate paintings you love using Diamond Dotz art kits. Simply apply the dots to the fabric and create art that's sure to make your space sparkle.

With everything from eye-catching throw pillow kits to three-piece wall hanging sets, QVC has all the Diamond Dotz art kits you want. Shop our extensive Diamond Dotz collection at QVC.