Aerobed is a premier air mattress manufacturer. Their air mattresses are innovative and convenient to use. Make any room into a guest room quickly and easily. Use it when you travel with your kids at a hotel, in your vacation home, or take it camping. The Aerobed is also ideal for a dorm room.

Just because you are sleeping in an air bed, you needn't sacrifice a good night's sleep. With a hand-held comfort control, you can pick your firmness setting even after you have inflated the Aerobed. When you're done, it rolls up and fits into a bag the size of a sleeping bag.

Pair your Queen-sized Aerobed with high thread-count sheets that can have a marvelous effect on your sleep. Aerobed queen mattresses stand fourteen inches off the ground and hold up to 600 pounds. The Aerobed Queen mattress inflates in two minutes.

The Aerobed air mattress has electronically-welded seams so the air pressure is balanced within the air mattress in individual coils. The coils regulate the air pressure so when a sleeper arises and gets out of bed, the entire bed won't shift to one side. This also helps prevent the bed from becoming overinflated when setting it up. The sleep surface is treated with an anti-microbial substance to keep it clean and fresh.