Strength, Faith, Love—featuring these words, these designs serve as reminders of how to face each day. As a Pay It Forward company, The Giving Keys encourages you to wear and embrace your word, then give it away to a person who needs the message more than you.

The Giving Keys is more than just a jewelry company. Started by singer-songwriter and actress Caitlin Crosby, this line of key jewelry began as a personal project to encourage others to pay it forward and show kindness to one another. Caitlin gave away her early key necklaces. As the project grew, she found an opportunity to employ a homeless couple as jewelry makers, ultimately helping them earn enough to move into an apartment.

Today, The Giving Keys is a complete jewelry line featuring striking statement-making pieces with the signature key included in each design. The Giving Keys is a Pay It Forward Foundation company, helping people transition out of homelessness. Each key features an inspiring message such as "Believe," "Faith," or "Strength." These key necklaces are meant to provide a meaningful reminder of every individual's inner strength. Wearers are encouraged to keep the keys close as a reminder to embrace their flaws and face each day with courage.

This key jewelry can also become a powerful way to share this message of strength and acceptance. After wearing your accessory for a while, consider passing it on to share the love. Become part of the meaningful mission of The Giving Keys with your purchase.