Organize your kitchen today with a Foodsaver vacuum sealer system. Shop QVC to get everything you need to start storing food in a compact and secure manner with a Foodsaver machine and proper sized bags.

A Foodsaver machine vacuum seals food into bags for simple stacking and storage in your refrigerator or freezer. Food's made compact so you can fit more in your kitchen without making a mess. No more searching for matching plastic container lids, running out of aluminum foil, or food leaking all over the fridge. Save leftovers throughout the week for lunch the next day or prep dishes ahead of time for dinner parties and holiday get-togethers. Storing food will help you save money on takeout and delivery, and you'll serve delicious and nutritious meals that your family will love.

A set of Foodsaver bags and a vacuum sealer make a great gift for new homeowners, recent college graduates, and wedding showers. You can prep and freeze food ahead for friends or family members who are getting ready to have a baby. Their sleep schedule will thank you! QVC carries a complete collection of Foodsaver bags in different sizes, so you can pick up everything you need to get saving today.