The Trophy Skin product line was inspired by the popularity of skin care available at medispas. MicrodermMD by Trophy Skin is designed so people can do microdermabrasion at-home. You can purchase a full kit complete with a cleaning brush, filters, O-rings, magnifying mirror, and multiple tips. Tips and tip replacements are available for purchase separately as well. Try a large tip for microdermabrasion across the body or use a precision tip for targeted areas.

The Microderm MD devices also work with a pore extraction tip that's designed to remove dirt from clogged pores. An infusion tip is available to help apply your preferred facial serums.

If you're interested in an innovative alternative to microdermabrasion tools, Trophy Skin also carries a skin scrubber that exfoliates, cleanses, without the use of discs, brushes, or cartridges. The FDA- cleared RejuvaliteMD LED light provides yet another form of skin care. Emitting light in four wavelengths, this product is designed to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Combine these beauty tools with serums, mists, and other products from the Trophy Skin line to craft a personalized beauty routine that's customized for your skin type.