Candy, flowers, and candle-lit dinners—ah, Valentine’s Day! It’s a great time to tell our loved ones how we feel. We asked host Carolyn Gracie and three other QVC team members to tell us their Valentine’s Day plans. Maybe they’ll inspire you to try something different this year. 

Carolyn, program host

“Valentine’s Day has always been one of my very favorite days, ever since grade school when we made hearts for Mom out of construction paper and doilies, and exchanged little Valentine cards with all the kids in the classroom. In high school, we had ‘secret admirer’ carnations which we’d buy for each other in advance and then they’d be distributed throughout the day while we were sitting in class. Every girl hoped to have a big bouquet of them by the end of the school day! Nowadays, QVC gives me lots of options for treating those I love to something special for Valentine’s Day. This year, I’m ordering Rocky Mountain 41-Piece Sugar-Free Assorted Chocolates and/or Junior’s 18 Sugar-Free Mini Cheesecake and Layer Cakes for my husband and my dad.


“For my mom and sisters, I’m gifting the Safekeeper Gem Box with Rope Trim by Lori Greiner. It’s a beautiful box that looks great on a vanity and holds those favorite jewelry pieces that are worn most often! (Maybe I’ll order one for myself, just in case hubby decides to surprise me with a little sparkly something!) Happy Valentine’s Day!”


Christopher, accountant

“I’ll do the roses. I’ll have them delivered to her at work and I’ll do a card. We’ll have a nice dinner at home. I’ll cook. Probably filets, baked potato, veggies, and crème brûlée. She likes crème brûlée. I saw a recipe where you take vanilla pudding and put it in a bowl with raw sugarcane on top and melt it with a mini propane torch, and voilá! You have crème brûlée. I’ll set a nice table and light candles. I’ll put on some music in the background instead of the television, usually jazz. And I’ll give her a card from the cat. I put his paw in the inkpad. You have to clean it off right away or else you have paw prints all over the house. The cat hates it, but my wife loves it!”


Vickie, associate creative director

“A couple of years ago I made a pink dinner for my partner, Mel. Everything on the menu was pink. There are more pink foods than you might imagine! I made a Scandinavian herring salad. It has beets which dye the chopped eggs—super pink! (It’s a holiday tradition in my family. Scares the kids, but the grownups crave it.) I also made Bellinis with fresh peach juice, grilled salmon with a pink shallot beurre blanc sauce and fresh pomegranate seeds sprinkled on top, frisée greens with goat cheese blended with crushed pink peppercorns and pistachios, French baguette with strawberry butter, and for dessert a vanilla bean panna cotta with fresh raspberries and almond biscotti. If you’re feeling ambitious, celebrate the day by taking a little extra time to show how much you care.”


Eric, lifestyle photographer

“It’s the 15th, right? I’ll probably take my wife out for dinner the weekend before Valentine’s Day. I used to work as a sous chef and Valentine’s Day was a golden goose—I remember being on the business end of that day! I like to plan to go in advance and choose one of the places she likes best. I’ll just tell her we’re going out. It won’t be a surprise. My wife doesn’t like surprises. She does like bracelets, so I’m going to look through the QVC website and find a cool bracelet for her.”