From Australia to QVC, Samantha’s Designs Are World-Class

It’s common for a 21-year-old to feel a little lost in the big world. But not Samantha Wills. In 2004, the Australian-born beauty struck out on her own with the clear-cut goal of turning her hobby into a namesake jewelry brand. Now, 14 years later, Samantha’s company has gone global. Samantha and QVC assistant buyer Danielle talked with InsideQ about inspiration, travel, and Samantha’s jewelry line. 

Where There’s a Wills There’s a Way

InsideQ: What do you like about selling your jewelry on QVC?

Samantha Wills: There is an energy in live television that is just incomparable to any other medium. QVC takes a product and brings a shopping experience to life on the screen—it’s a completely unparalleled experience. Viewers look at QVC hosts as friends and invite them into their homes (often at obscure times!). There’s a personal connection in the approach, and I’m so excited to be able to bring this touch point to the Samantha Wills brand.

Danielle: Samantha is transparent with behind-the-scenes stories of her journey, inspirations, passions, and struggles. Plus, it all has a common thread of making sure you feel good in your skin and confident in how you look. This is what really stands out as these stories truly connect to QVC and our customers.


InsideQ: How did Samantha Wills jewelry make its way to QVC?

Danielle: Samantha Wills was introduced to us by a vendor who is always on the search for brands and items that are unique and not part of our current assortments. We all agreed that Samantha Wills’ bold bohemian style is something new for QVC, and it could cater to many different types of people.

InsideQ: Did your time in Australia influence your design aesthetic?

Samantha: I’m constantly inspired by my surroundings, and am so fortunate to have wings in New York City and roots in coastal Australia. My designs see these beautifully bohemian elements paired with a luxury finish that complements both countries that hold such a special place in my heart.


InsideQ: How would you describe your jewelry?

Samantha: The fusion of both masculine and feminine elements! “Luxe bohemian” is probably the best way to describe it. I love to create a juxtaposition with my look and pair both high-end pieces with street labels—Kate Moss does it best!

Danielle: Individual style is a big part of this brand. Each piece in Samantha’s collection can be worn on its own or layered to create a unique personalized look for an everyday outfit or a night out.

InsideQ: What inspires your designs?

Samantha: The answer is very easy; I design specifically for the customer. It is such a luxurious time to be a designer because customers are gracious enough to show you what they are wearing on a daily basis on social media, giving you feedback with reviews and telling you exactly what they want. This information used to take months of market research. I feel very lucky to be able to interact and be in conversations with the women who wear Samantha Wills jewelry.


InsideQ: Thank you, Samantha and Danielle!