Luggage sets are a smart and convenient way to travel. They offer the versatility needed to easily maneuver on the go. Depending on your needs, QVC offers 2-piece, 3-piece, 4-piece, and 5-piece luggage sets. You will enjoy the convenience of being able to utilize different pieces of a travel luggage set for different purposes. For example, the larger wheeled luggage can be utilized as a checked bag, while a cabin duffel can be used as your carry-on. Also, matching luggage pieces s allow you to travel in style and easily identify what’s yours.

Luggage sets are also great for families that travel. Rather than purchase individual bags for the entire family, different pieces of a luggage set can be utilized by different members of the family.

QVC offers a wide range of luggage sets, including uprights, hardside, and spinner luggage sets, and are all perfect for professionals, families, and frequent travelers.