You’ve just discovered the secret to wearing fragrance in a most modern way! Pinrose scents are created to be joyfully playful, easy to wear, and undeniably fun. Explore the Pinrose perfume collection at QVC, and see which ones you love most of all.

The Pinrose brand was founded by Erika Shumate and Christine Luby, who felt the 21st century fragrance marketplace needed a little shaking up. They wanted to make fabulous scents designed especially for women who have a skip in their step and a twinkle in their eye! And once you’ve experienced their up-to-the-minute take on smelling divine, you’ll see there’s just no turning back.

Whatever your age or personality, you’re sure to find Pinrose scents that are made to match. Are you considered the life of the party? Try on ebullient Merrymaker—a refreshing and feminine nectarine blend. For those who have a flirtatious side, Secret Genius is a special treat that brings together luscious vanilla and caramel. And, since we’re entitled to our many different moods, you may want to pick up a few. Then, you can choose the one that suits every day and occasion.

You can assemble the ultimate fragrance wardrobe with an on-point assortment of Pinrose scents. Plus, you can layer different Pinrose fragrances to come up with a custom blend. When it’s time for your bestie’s birthday, consider giving her the gift of Pinrose, too. It’s the perfect way to let her know how much you adore her unique personality. Check out and find your next favorites among the sensational selection of fragrances from Pinrose.