Unwash is a simplified hair care system. Unwash products use an emulsion co-wash method. These formulas remove dirt and surface buildup. The hair is left to maintain its appearance with these hair care products.

Bio-cleansing shampoo products approach hair care and maintenance from a perspective, to help remove dirt yet leaving your hair looking clean and natural looking. Bio-cleansing conditioners help hydrate and add extracts and oils that enhance your hair's texture. QVC carries a full line of Unwash hair products so you can select the formula that's best suited to your individual needs. Use a color intensifying gloss treatment for colored hair, an anti-frizz serum spray to help calm wild flyaways, or a conditioner made for curls.

A dry cleanser makes it easy to get fresh flowing hair that's ready for your styling tools with minimal time and effort. Our cleanser can help give you a deeper clean when you need it, and Unwash's hydrating masque is made to battle dryness when the weather leeches moisture from your hair. For a fresh approach to hair care, Unwash products from QVC offer a vast range of options.