Straight Shape: little definition between bust, waist & hip measurements

Outfit ideas & how to dress your body type

  • Create an optical illusion: play up a rectangle body shape by dressing proportionately on the top and bottom while defining your waist to create the illusion of curves. Think leggings or bootcut jeans with a V-neck T-shirt.
  • It's a cinch: try belting your V-neck tops or wearing peplums to create a covetable curve.
  • Don designs that define: wear fitted jackets or vests to help define your shape.
  • Highlight your décolletage: wearing a V-neck top helps create a curvier shape.
  • Balancing act: wear A-line skirts and bootcut pants to help balance out your shape on the bottom.
  • Try a bit of bling: straight body shapes can benefit from embellished pants pockets–a clever, yet stylish trick that helps balance out your bottom half.
  • Accentuate the positives: don't be afraid to take advantage of your straight shape. Pair your V-neck shirts with slim leg pants or women's leggings to enhance your assets.

Styles suggested for your shape:

  • Fitted Jackets
  • Belts
  • Peplum Tops & Jackets
  • A-line Skirts
  • Bootcut Pants
  • V-Neck Tops
  • Leggings

Pear Shape: fuller at hips & bottom, smaller on top

Outfit ideas & how to dress your body type

  • Rise to the occasion: pear body shapes should add volume to the upper body, emphasize their waist, and deemphasize their lower body.
  • Create an optical illusion: wear dark colors on the bottom and avoid fashion details on pants to avoid drawing attention to the lower half.
  • Highlight your décolletage: wear wide necklines to visually widen your shoulders. Boat neck and scoop neck designs are particularly flattering for this body shape.
  • Get a leg up: wide leg pants and straight leg pants help balance the bottom half of a pear body shape. Both go great with boat neck tops and scoop neck tops!
  • Go with the flow: an A-line dress can help to minimize the bottom half of your body shape.
  • Try a bit of bling: draw the eye up to your upper body by topping off A-line skirts with embellished tops and bright colors.

Styles suggested for your shape:

  • A-line Skirts
  • Wide & Straight-Leg Pants
  • A-line Dresses
  • Embellished Tops
  • Boat & Scoop-Neck Tops

Hourglass Shape: curvaceous, full bust, defined waist, full hips

Outfit ideas & how to dress your body type

  • Va-va-voom: curb your curves by dressing proportionally on the top and bottom. Style staples like bootcut pants, pencil skirts, wrap dresses, and V-neck shirts are ideal for your body type.
  • Balancing act: V-neck tops keep your hourglass body shape from becoming too top-heavy and help emphasize your hourglass shape.
  • It's a cinch: accentuate your hourglass figure by wearing a waist-whittling wrap dress or a belted V-neck.
  • Make your mark: a pencil skirt is a chic way to show off curvy body shapes.
  • Strike a sleek silhouette: top off a pencil skirt or bootcut pants with a fitted jacket or blazer to play up your curves.
  • Get a leg up: bootcut jeans beautifully balance the lower half. Wear with a V-neck T-shirt to perfect the cool-and-casual look.

Styles suggested for your shape:

  • Wrap Dresses
  • V-neck Tops
  • Bootcut Pants
  • Fitted Jackets
  • Pencil Skirts

Apple Shape: weight is carried around the middle without a well-defined waist

Outfit ideas & how to dress your body type

  • Glorify your gams: distract from your midsection by showing off your best asset: your legs.
  • Go off center: an apple body shape should avoid clingy tops that draw attention to the middle.
  • Accentuate the positives: wear empire waists to complement your body shape. An empire waist dress is cut to hit the narrowest part of your figure and float over everything else.
  • Make a beeline for A-line: wear an A-line dress to accentuate the narrowest part of your figure and camouflage other areas.
  • Stylish separates: pair an A-line skirt with a scoop neck top or a V-neck top to achieve a stylish look.
  • Get a leg up: wide leg pants or bootcut pants and jeans keep your silhouette balanced. Wear a pair of bootcut jeans with a higher rise to keep everything in place.
  • Create an optical illusion: select tops, like women's tunics, that skim your midsection. Tunics with defined waists under the bust are especially flattering, as they make the waist look trimmer.
  • Highlight your décolletage: draw attention up and emphasize your bust by wearing tops with a lower neckline, like V-neck shirts. A tunic top with a scoop neck is particularly pretty for apple body shapes.

Styles Suggested for your Shape:

  • Empire Waist Dresses
  • A-line Dresses
  • Bootcut & Wide-Leg Pants
  • Tunics
  • Lower Neckline Tops

Full Bust: bust measurement is fuller than hips & bottom

Outfit ideas & how to dress your body type

  • Balancing act: veer toward clothes that give you curves on the bottom and define your waist to help to balance your upper body.
  • Don designs that define: swap your baggy tops that don't define the waist for something more fitted.
  • Highlight your décolletage: high necklines make your bust appear even larger. Opt for a scoop neck top instead.
  • Accentuate the positives: make the most of your curves and keep your look in balance with a slightly lowered neckline like a scoop neck or V-neck.
  • Create an optical illusion: avoid the trap of an inverted triangle shape by wearing solid colors and dark prints on top and prints on bottom. Try pairing a V-neck T-shirt with a floral skirt.
  • Get a leg up: balance your proportions by pairing your V-neck shirts with a pair of bootcut jeans or a striped skirt.
  • Fit to print: fully busted body shapes benefit from bold patterns on the bottom. An A-line skirt with a bold tribal print pairs perfectly with dark V-neck tops to complement your body shape.
  • Strike a sleek silhouette: fitted tops and sweaters work beautifully with bootcut pants and wide leg pants. Or go adventurous in a tribal print skirt.
  • Manage your assets: the right bra size makes all the difference. Ill-fitting bras can add additional bulk and make your body shape appear even larger, especially when worn under fitted shirts or V-neck shirts. Are you overhanging at the sides? Does your bra ride up in the front? If so, it may be time to try a different size to achieve a proper fit.

Styles suggested for your shape:

  • Scoop Neck Tops
  • V-neck Tops
  • Fitted Tops & Sweaters
  • Bootcut & Wide-Leg Pants

Plus Size Fashion: Sizing Solutions

How To Measure



Measure under your arms around the fullest part of your bust.


Measure at the natural crease of your waist.


Stand flat on the floor with your heels together. Measure around the fullest part of your hips, approximately 8" below your waist.


Stand with your back against the wall, with your feet slightly apart. Measure from the floor to the top of your head.