(Legendary) dermatologist-developed beauty.
All Clinique products on QVC® are free from parabens, phthalates & fragrance.

Clinique has uncovered the secret to a great complexion—simple skin-care solutions that pamper without requiring a lot of extra work. And you can find an array of premium Clinique skin care and Clinique makeup products here on QVC.

This dermatologist-developed brand has long been known for skin-loving formulas such as their Dramatically Different moisturizer. Now available in an updated formula, this classic Clinique moisturizer is prized for its ability to hydrate skin and help achieve a youthful-looking glow. Acting as the perfect partner, their popular facial soap with dish comes in three different formulations to help care for all skin types and concerns. Among Clinique's other antiaging treatments, you'll find a formula for the delicate eye area.

You'll be happy to hear that, when it comes to a makeup routine that's fresh and easy, Clinique has just what you're looking for! Get your day started with a Clinique foundation. With both liquid and powder options to choose from, it's easy to find the perfect fit. From there, have fun exploring all of their top-quality cosmetics, with everything from mascara and eyebrow solutions to lipsticks that give your pout lush, lovely color. Whatever you choose, you can feel confident that your skin is in good hands.

Whether you're new to this impressive line or have loved it for years, there's a whole world of Clinique skin care and Clinique makeup just waiting for you to discover.