Keep up with the times without sacrificing fashion for function. Timex, a trusted name in analog and digital watches, makes timepieces for men and women and QVC brings their many styles to you. From bracelet watches to leather straps, expansion bands to sports bands, these classic components fit any lifestyle.

The line of Timex watches for women is ideal for a variety of ladies including athletes (with the Ironman styles), fashionistas who wear watches as functional jewelry and glamorous accessories, and traditionalists who long for easy-to-read watch faces that aren't complicated with designs.

While the line offers an array of options, there's no reason to select just one. After all, some days you may need the functionality of an outdoor athletics watch, while other parts of your life require a more sophisticated statement. The classic timepieces also pair beautifully as part of a layered look with additional bracelets.

The Timex men's watches provide the same versatile options, from classic leather styles to outdoor expedition functionality. The line includes several watches with the oversized face designs that are so popular today. Not only are there choices in styles but in materials as well, including gold-tone, two-tone, leather, stainless steel, and nylon.

Timex watches also make endearing gifts for recent graduates and are perfect for birthdays.