The Ultimate Extendable Dual Head Rotating Spray Water Blaster

The Ultimate Extendable Dual Head Rotating Spray Water Blaster
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Knock out those chores on your Honey Do list with ease using this spray wand. Its two rotating heads with adjustable angles make outdoor watering and cleaning a breeze. The extending wand reaches those hard-to-clean gutters and downspouts.

  • Extends from 3-1/2'L to 6'L
  • Fits any standard, 5/8" hose
  • Three comfort grip foam rubber handles
  • Soft Touch rubber spray tip
  • Ball valve on handle for easy on/off
  • Made in Taiwan

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Reviews & Community QA

V30500 - The Ultimate Extendable DualHead Rotating SprayWater Blaster 2.6 5 28 28
Don't waste your money! I just returned this "blaster." Absolutely no pressure. Don't waste your time or money on this item. 05-01-12
Has one good feature It does reach second story windows, but that's about it in terms of features and all it does is spray the windows once the water gets to them. The other reviewers are correct, there really is no power to the water. My very inexpensive nozzle, I purchased until I can find the nozzle of my dreams, has more blast power than this wand. Additionally, it does not seal well. I tested in on my windows, porch, sidewalk and car. It did the job, in terms of moving the leaves and grass clippings but so does my nozzle and with my nozzle I do not have soaked clothing when I am done. Finally, on the wand is a label which says to read all instructions. There are no instructions included and the only instruction I could find was one on the wand which said to watch for wires and not spray pets. QVC should try a different tact advertising this product. If they advertised it as an extension to the hose which enables a person to "spray" second story windows and the top of the car, there might not be so many disappointed buyers. Wish I had listened to all the reviewers instead of assuming most really did not give it a fair test. 04-26-12
Not For Me I purchased this to clean my gutters (so it would no longer be necessary to use a ladder to clean them). This has no pressure. Leaves in the gutters did not move! After a minute or so, water left the downspout. No leaves. Back to using the ladder. I was hesitant to write a review (as I thought maybe I was doing something wrong). I now see others experienced the same problem. Fortunately, I still have time to return it. 10-17-11
Very poor water pressure I read the mixed reviews but decided to try this anyway. I should have listened. My hose has excellent water pressure but my husband wanted the extendable handle to clean our eaves. This "blaster" is too weak to even adequately water my garden let alone use to clean anything. I can't believe the good reviews. I really hope QVC looks into this product. Something definitely isn't right. 10-12-11
Not Worth It So surprised something so terrible comming from QVC. We had the right hose size that they request. Don't waste your money. 08-26-11
Mine works well Am happy to say my blaster works well. I have only used it a couple of times, but it does have a good "blast" power. We are not suppose to wash down outside our houses where I live so the dirt build-up is bad around my home. It has worked well to restore the outside of my house to presentable again. 07-31-11
Wow, what pressure! This spray blaster is great! My husband washed down the whole house and even got the gutters cleaned. We really like it because it reaches so high that we don't have to get a ladder out. The power out of it is great and we have bad water pressure. We like to wash our own cars and my husband has a dirt bike that gets very dirty. He used to have to get the pressure washer out and now he just hooks this sprayer up to the garden hose. Great product and we are getting some for gifts. 07-22-11
Fantastic Product This spray blaster is one of my favorite items on QVC. I have been using it all summer long. I gave my pressure washer away as with this product, you don't need a pressure water. I am not sure about the people that say they don't get a blasting spray because mine is so powerful, I had to turn my faucet down. I get all the junk out of the gutters and wash down the house with this because of the extention on it. That was so smart of doing the extention. I have a very large dog run and I blast it down at least twice a week with this. I even used it to clean my fence this summer before I stained it. Super item and I will be buying more for gifts. 07-15-11
Very disappointed! I don't understand how this can be called a " blaster". No matter what hose I connect this to, it DOES NOT have force behind it. Certainly not anywhere near to be called a blaster. If I change to my old nozzles, I do get a much better pressure. The only thing I find this useful for is rinsing off the top of my car after it is washed, or using the extension feature to water plants. It does not have enough pressure behind it to move wet leaves in my gutters, or even very small piles of debris on the ground. It is too late to send it back, I have used it for a few months. I must say that I am disappointed in the way that this product was presented. 05-13-11
SO-SO spray Don't get rid of your pressure washer for this. Probably good to wash the top of your car. 04-02-11
TERRIBLE I turned on the hose and part of it fell off. Evidently it isn't made to "BLAST" Thank goodness for the return policy. 03-28-11
WOW!! Not sure about the bad reviews but I love this blaster. I own a couple of the small ones but this one gets in so many more places. I also love the long extension on this one. Maybe others do not have good water pressure. I have had no problems with mine and I have used it on everything I can think of. Doing spring cleaning outside and this is making those jobs so much easier. I am going back for another of these so I have a spare as my kids tend to go off with all my great products. Thanks and keep these great things coming. 03-25-11