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No beauty routine is complete without daily dental care that that help your teeth feeling fresh. Good dental care requires more than just brushing. Enter the Waterpik, a water flosser with plenty of pressure settings and unique tips that makes flossing easy.

Encouraging kids to brush and floss twice a day can be quite the chore, but the Waterpik flosser is fun that so you may not need to remind your kids during their morning and bedtime routines to floss.

Plus, check out the Waterpik showerhead line, stocked by QVC. Start your day with a good showerhead that delivers the right amount of water pressure. Waterpik's showerheads have adjustable spray modes that allow you to choose anything from a relaxing shower experience to an invigorating massage with PowerPulse massage technology.

There's nothing quite like waking up to a refreshing morning shower or a hot shower massage right before bedtime. Get all this and more with QVC's collection of Waterpik showerheads.