From kitchen and bathroom surfaces to floors and walls, e-cloth towels and mops are designed to make your home sparkle from top to bottom. Whether you're shopping for starter packs or custom cleaning kits, find your favorite e-cloth cleaning products at QVC.

If you're discovering e-cloth products for the first time or you're replenishing your supply, multipacks are the way to go. These starter kits feature several colorful microfiber cloths, all made with the brand's signature blend of polyester and polyamide. Thanks to their superior cleaning power, you can skip the harsh cleansers and wipe away dirt and grease with water only.

Need to make the kitchen or the bathroom spick-and-span? Browse our selection of room-ready packs designed to clean food grease and soap scum from sinks, tiles, and other bathroom and kitchen surfaces.

Ready to give the walls or the floors the same treatment? Check out e-cloth dusters and mops. Thanks to their extendable or telescopic designs, these cleaning products can reach corners and ceilings, removing dust, dirt, and grime from every room of your home.

With everything from microfiber cloths and towels to mops and dusters, QVC has all the cleaning products you want. Shop our e-cloth collection at QVC.