Keeping up with all of the pet hair, plus dirt from soccer cleats, crumbs, and everything else that's tracked across your floors can be a never-ending hassle. And there's nothing worse than the feeling of cleaning your house from top to bottom, only to find pet fur and mud on surfaces right after you've finished cleaning. That's where bObsweep comes in. This line of robotic vacuum cleaners has everything you need to continuously clean your floors and free you up to do the things you actually enjoy, instead of endless cleaning. Shop QVC's line of bObsweep vacuums and make cleaning easier today. bObsweep's pet hair vacuum is perfect for furry family members that shed. The bObsweep robotic vacuum is able to automatically adjust to any type of floor, from hardwood to carpets and tile, while mopping as well as vacuuming and sweeping the appropriate surfaces. Plus, bObi blOck technology allows you to section off areas of your home that you don't want to be disturbed. You can really just set it, forget it, and come home to clean floors! With mop attachments, a charger and charging adapter, extra brushes, and more, each bObsweep vacuum and robotic mop comes with all of the pieces you need to get your house sparkling.