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Old-school arcade games may fill you with warm and fuzzy memories, but if you want to be competitive in today’s fast-paced gaming environment, it’s time to ditch the joystick. An arsenal of high-powered MSI accessories and cutting-edge tech available at can help you conquer the competition like never before.

MSI laptops come equipped with everything you need for hours of mind-blowing fun! Choose from gaming laptops loaded with optimum performance features like diagonal high-definition screen displays, lightning-fast processors, and operating systems that keep things running smoothly, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology capability, HD webcams, and more. Eye-catching backlit keyboards let you play in low-light conditions, which comes in handy when intense missions get critical. Massive memory means your MSI notebook or laptop can do double duty, letting you store important files, documents, videos, photos, presentations, and more.

Check in to your gaming network and let loose in the virtual world—crazy amounts of hard drive space and other gamer-driven features ensure your experience is seamless. You can focus on leveling up and not powering down thanks to a lithium-ion battery. Superior sound systems bring your mission to life, and headphone jacks and USB ports give you the flexibility and control to game your way. Sleek design elements create an inviting atmosphere, one that’s sure to make fellow gamers a little envious while you get serious cred.

When it comes to the best gaming laptops and notebooks for you and your family, MSI laptops and accessories score major points for durability, speed, performance and design. Take on your next epic challenge with MSI, a brand built for gamers.