Your computer keeps you connected to entertainment, essential records, ongoing projects, and more. Be sure to keep all that important data backed up and easily portable with an external hard drive from QVC. You'll enjoy peace of mind and on-the-go convenience with the perfect solution to help keep you protected.

A portable, external hard drive typically offers large storage capacity, allowing you to back up the information that's stored on your computer, including programs, so you're prepared in case disaster strikes. If the worst happens and there's no way to boot up your desktop computer or laptop, you can quickly restore or retrieve your information from your external hard drive. And because external hard drives are usually compact, lightweight, and portable, it's easy to take it with you wherever you need to go.

For long-term storage of information you don't use on a daily basis, an external hard drive is an excellent choice. By keeping large files—such as an extensive music collection—on your external hard drive, you'll free up space on your computer's hard disk drive (or HDD) to help keep it running quickly and smoothly. A flash drive works well when you need to transfer files from one computer to another or just want to be sure you have your most important files close at hand.

Protecting, storing, and transferring your information doesn't have to be difficult! External hard drives are generally designed to be compatible with most computers and operate with commonly used operating systems. Plus, many of them are plug and play—so you can manage your data right out of the box, with no need to format the device or load special software.

You'll find a range of external hard drives and flash drives on that make it easy for you to back up files, store music and programs, and more. Check out our lineup and discover the portable, external hard drive that's right for you!