Get to Know Elise

She believes beauty comes from the inside out—and she’s quite the enthusiast, even serving as cohost of QVC’s Basic Beauty podcast. Both a yoga & Pilates instructor and a certified personal trainer, Elise values conscious living and all things fitness. She’s a grateful daughter and sister, the proud aunt of two little girls, and the mama of one very special dog. Ask her what countries she’s visited (she’s a former cruise ship hostess, after all!) and what makes her laugh (it’s her favorite pastime). 

Follow Elise’s Podcast

If you want to catch Elise & cohost Courtney Cason dish on all things gorgeous, their Basic Beauty podcast is a must-listen. Here’s how to find it:

  1. Search for the podcast on the Apple® iTunes Store® online store, the Google Play Store, or wherever you get your podcasts. You may need to download the podcast app first.
  2. In the podcast app, search for Basic Beauty and then click an episode title. Click the Play button.
  3. Click the Subscribe button on the podcast page to subscribe to the podcast.
  4. Enjoy!