What Makes You Beautiful

Peter discusses how he started in the industry & why his hair-care line stands out.

With a mission to create a line of products based on how he believed they should be made, Peter Lamas has pioneered a groundbreaking array of hair care items and brought them to QVC for you to discover and enjoy. Peter is a high-profile hairstylist who blends his industry expertise with an understanding of how products impact the people who use them every day. Developing items designed to help you look and feel your best is his passion.

Peter brings a discerning approach to everything he creates, like high-quality Peter Lamas shampoo and conditioner formulas for pampering tresses, a hair treatment mask for extra TLC, a need-to-try hair oil, and more. When it comes to hair, he wants to help you experience your best-possible tresses every day! Wash, rinse, style, and repeat—and throw in some added pampering when the mood strikes or locks seem to be losing their luster. Whatever you do, when you invest in your hair you’ll reap the rewards. As we all know, it’s easier to look forward to the day ahead when your hair looks fabulous.

Get that fresh-from-the salon look you crave at home with exceptional hair products from Peter Lamas. Explore them at QVC.com and discover for yourself how his love for hair knows no bounds. From washing and conditioning to primping and styling, high-quality, hair-loving products from Peter Lamas are here to help address your needs and concerns. Once your locks get the full Peter Lamas treatment, you’ll never want to turn back!