Poppy King, founder of ultra-chic beauty brand Lipstick Queen, knows how to make lips look their most beautiful! And she understands, when it comes to makeup products, having great lipstick options in your arsenal is essential. Explore an array of glamorous Lipstick Queen offerings right here on QVC.

At the age of 18, Poppy—already keenly aware of how the right lip color could make or break an outfit, a mood, or even a whole day—couldn't find quite what she was looking for in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia. Rather than settle for something less than pout perfection, she created her own range of products, ultimately including lip gloss, lip liners, and more.

If you haven't experienced Lipstick Queen for yourself, now's the time to dive in and have fun exploring each luxurious item. Pick a lipstick, lip gloss, or oh-so-easy chubby lip pencil, and you'll see for yourself why the incredible textures and hues made these products a top pick on many a beauty insider's must-have list.

And don't forget to have a great time as you go exploring! Give your lips the perfect start with lip liners in your favorite Lipstick Queen shades. Find a bright color that makes your daytime look pop. Then bring on the drama for a night out on the town by switching to a dark, sophisticated shade. You may even want to be a little daring and try a color you never thought you'd wear—just for the fun of it. Whatever you choose, you'll see how a little swipe of lipstick brings instant style impact and added confidence.