Discover how beautiful science can be with the Algenist skin care products available at QVC. This skin-care brand is revolutionizing the beauty industry with innovative anti-aging products designed to help women everywhere improve the appearance of the visible signs of aging.

You may be surprised to learn that the roots of this brand lie in the biotechnology industry. An interest in caring for complexions began when the company's scientists were studying microalgae while searching for alternative, renewable energy sources. They discovered that microalgae secrete a naturally occurring compound—alguronic acid.

Alguronic acid is a unique, patented compound from microalgae and is a key anti-aging ingredient found in all Algenist skin care products. Whether you're in search of an eye serum to help improve the appearance of the delicate eye area or one of the brand's popular moisturizers, you'll find an inspiring array of Algenist skin care products to choose from.

The great news is that Algenist's beauty breakthroughs keep coming! The brand has now introduced microalgae oil. Microalgae oil is comprised of oleic acid, phytosterols, and tocopherol. It's a unique, patent-pending compound from microalgae, and it's a key anti-aging ingredient featured in some Algenist products.

If you'd like to help improve the appearance of your skin and help reduce the appearance of the visible signs of aging, then now is the perfect time to try Algenist's innovative anti-aging products for yourself and discover how science can bring out the best in your complexion.