Oreck XL Shield Power Scrubber Carpet & Floor Cleaner

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Reviews & Community QA

V27711 - Oreck XL Shield Power Scrubber Carpet & Floor Cleaner 3 5 67 67
Huge waste of money This was a poorly made piece of junk. The machine was extremely difficult to use. The head drags across the carpet and is very difficult to maneuver. The whole thing is very cheaply made and just did not clean well. I really should have returned it. 11-02-11
Much Room for Improvement I have owned this carpet cleaner for a year or so and while it does a good job at cleaning the carpets it is wasteful, expensive and takes up a lot of room. Other reviewers are right it does not hold a lot of water and you do have to change it quite often plus the cost of the shampoo. Also it is sometimes hard to lock in the tank. It takes up a lot of room with the back wheels that are so far out it takes up a closet all by itself. Save your money and purchase a different cleaner. 01-26-11
I have an old unit I bought my unit from QVC and it is old but works quite well. However I have some of the same problems and disappointments others do. It is clunky and the wheels are supposed to fold toward the tank and stand on its own in a fairly small space. They will fold but they won't stay there. They will come open (with a loud racket) and winds up taking up twice the space (or more) that was advertised. Also expensive to use although the cost of the solution has come down some. It is cheaper to buy it thru QVC. I also had trouble with it stopping up but here is where my experience with the Oreck dealer is quite different than those mentioned in these reviews. My Oreck dealer was the nicest person I have ever met and quite willing to help me when it stopped up (twice at no charge) even though I did not buy it from him. He gave me tips on keeping it working by cleaning it each time with vinegar water and that works. As to the wheels, he was quite honest and told me it would never stand up as advertised and there was nothing to be done about that. So, in all, I agree that it does a good job cleaning but is expensive to use and has to be cleaned thoroughly each time or it won't work. It is the only shampooer I have ever owed so I have nothing to compare it to. However, I am inclined to buy another brand. I agree it costs too much to be so much trouble. 09-27-09
evidently this has changed This shampooer used to be made by Regina....maybe 20 or so years ago, and was bought out by the Oreck Company. I always had good luck with my old one, seemed to clean very well and was easy to handle and easy to store...but the ratings here tell me it may now be made a bit differently or as happens with many things, maybe just less quality put into it. It is also about twice as much as it used to cost. So sad, was always a great machine! 08-24-09
Just Awful I feel foolish. I trusted the Oreck name. My mistake. Because of this I did not use within the 30 days and now I am stuck with an expensive mistake. It is very heavy and will wear your back out. The tank is not big enough and you have to use only Oreck shampoo. 08-06-09
Waste of money. I too didn't test this within 30 days or it would of gone back. Shame on me. I was only able to "clean" about 1/4 of my living room with 1 bottle of the shampoo.My living room isnt very big at all. I also had to dump and get fresh water at least 3 times for that SMALL amount of space. This machine is not only a time consuming hog, its a financial hog as well. You spend almost all your time changing the water out and all your money buying the LITTLE bottles of shampoos. Which by the way, are only made by Oreck and are NOT sold in regular stores. More $$$. I got so tired of trying to find their special shampoo bottles that I punched a little hole in the 'shoulder' of the Oreck bottle and used store bought carpet cleaner. Even still, this cleaner is not worth it. It takes a few tries to actually clean and leaves my carpet very wet. Instead of being of any use, this thing is just a waste of money. 07-17-09
Not a happy camper so far I love everything I get from QVC. NEVER a problem returning anything. Got the Oreck vacuum and LOVE it. This is why I hate to write a negative review. I did not get to use this within the 30 day guarantee or I would have returned it.ILooked like a great idea for storing and it is however , it is not easy to work with. I found that the carpets took forever to dry as well. I am very disappointed since Oreck made this not up to their standards. If you purchase be sure to try within the 30 days to see if you like it. 07-11-09
Not up to Oreck Standards This is a very cheaply made Carpet Cleaner. First the back wheels are very flimsy and tend to bow out a little. Second the front part of the cleaner cannot handle ANY debris what so ever. There is a very narrow opening that is for sucking the water back up but if you have any sort of pet hair on your carpet it will get in there and clog it up. And there is no way to clean it out easily without breaking the machine. The tubes that send the soap to the carpet also become clogged easily. It doesn't hold enough water to do my living room and its not that much carpet to clean. The cleaner, which is only available at an Oreck store, is about $8-$10 and once it gets down to the last 1/4 of the bottle you can't use it. And my final complaint is it doesn't suck the water back up so you have to let the carpets dry for a long while. 07-09-09
Too heavy for me.... This may likely be easy to use for a man in good condition .but I am am older woman. It is too heavy for me. Also, it probably maneuvers better in a large room..but my space is somewhat limited, so I'm not really sure. It is difficult to maneuver in small areas or near walls, etc. I was somewhat dissappointed and frankly surprised with the suction as it was not as dry as expected.( I rate Oreck really high for their vacuumes and air cleaners.) For my own use I had to rate the scrubber 2 stars. It did clean quite well, however, and is well engineered for assymbly and also for quality of material. 07-08-09
NO The water tank is too tricky to take off and put on. The release button and the suction button do not always work. It is a mess! Wouldn't give it away 07-08-09
Great Product This is an EXCELLENT product. I just used this today and had my carpets professionally cleaned only 2 weeks ago. My rugs are so clean-they look brand new and the water in the tank was so dirty when I started - I couldn't believe it! This product is easy to use and does an amazing cleaning job!I 06-13-09
A Lemon? Bad Customer Service I purchased this as a TSV and did several carpets in my house. It did a great job. Then I used the hand unit on my steps and water poured out all over my floor. Took the cleaner to the Oreck store twice. They were not very nice and especially when they found out I purchased it from QVC. I had to demonstrate to the repair man how the water came out while cleaning. Well they finally "repaired" it. I've had it back a few months and just used the hand device again and TWICE, a tube became disconnected and water literally flooded my hardwood floor. Thank goodness it wasn't on carpet or I wouldn't have been able to get the water up--but I hope my floors don't warp. And the step that I was cleaning at the time is left with shampoo on it! An inside plastic piece fell out. I'm off to the Oreck store again. Very disappointed because Oreck is expensive and supposed to produce excellent products. And the store personnel are a disappointment too. I would not recommend this machine at all and would hesitate to purchase any other Oreck products. 06-09-09