Nutrisystem 20 Day Marie's Favorite Meals

Nutrisystem 20 Day Marie's Favorite Meals
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When you like to stay busy like Marie Osmond, you need a meal that's quick, easy, and always delicious. This 20-day Nutrisystem kit features Marie's favorite go-to items that are sure to hit the spot with yummy flavors. And best of all, they're perfectly proportioned to help you stay on track with a healthy lifestyle. From Nutrisystem.


  • Four apple strudel bars
  • Four cinnamon bun bars
  • Four double-chocolate muffins
  • Four granola cereals
  • Four harvest nut bars
  • Four cheese tortellinis
  • Four double chocolate caramel bars
  • Four fudge graham lunch bars
  • Four loaded baked potatoes
  • Four white cheddar mac & cheeses
  • Four raviolis with meat sauce
  • Four chicken pot pies
  • Four lasagnas with meat sauce
  • Four rotini & meatballs
  • Four thick crust pizzas
  • Four cheese puffs
  • Four chocolate chip cookies
  • Four dark chocolate & sea salt nut bars
  • Four salt-and-vinegar Snack-a-Rounds
  • Four zesty herb snack mixes

Important Details

Nothing contained on this website is intended to be instructional for medical diagnosis or treatment.

The Nutrisystem plan should be combined with a sensible exercise program, as well as the Recommended Daily Allowances of fruits & vegetables. As always, please consult your personal physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.

It's important to be aware of certain risks that have been associated with weight loss. Depending on the amount of weight lost, the speed at which weight loss occurs, and the types of foods consumed, constipation, muscle cramps, diarrhea, dizziness, dry or cold skin, fatigue, gout, hair loss, headaches, loss of lean body mass, irregular or stopping of menstruation, reduced tolerance to cold, as well as other possible side effects are possible. Please be sure to eat all the food that's recommended on the Nutrisystem meal plan. You could be at risk of health issues if you don't maintain a healthy diet.

  • If you're pregnant or a nursing mother, you may not join the Nutrisystem program.
  • If you become pregnant, you agree to immediately stop the Nutrisystem program.
  • If you're under the age of 18, you may not join the Nutrisystem program.
  • If you're anorexic or bulimic, you may not join the Nutrisystem program.
  • If there's a change in your medical condition, you agree to immediately notify your counselor.
  • If you're allergic to peanuts, soy, or latex (which is used in food processing), you may not join the Nutrisystem program.
  • If you have chronic kidney disease, you may not join the Nutrisystem program.
  • If you have diabetes, you may not join the Nutrisystem program.

Take a realistic approach: If you work consistently and follow the program, you maximize your results. With any weight-loss program, please check with your physician and incorporate exercise and a reduced-calorie diet.

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