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Get to Know Mary

Coming from a food-oriented upbringing, Mary loves all types of fare.

She grew up in an Army family, spent most of her childhood in Germany & tried different cuisines during her travels. And today, Mary’s whipping up gluten-free recipes. As David Venable’s right hand on Sunday's In the Kitchen with David ®, Mary knows a lot of you already & can't wait to meet more!

You know and love her as program host David Venable’s right hand on his Sunday In the Kitchen with David® show. Now there’s another cook in the kitchen—Mary DeAngelis!

Join her on In the Kitchen with Mary™ on QVC2™ and see how she makes cooking a breeze. Watch Mary whip up some of her favorite, easy-to-prepare recipes (including gluten-free ones!) with cookware, appliances, kitchen tools, and gourmet food from some of QVC's most-popular brands. Get in on the foodie action as she shares these recipes ideas and much more.

Tempt your taste buds, get comfortable in the kitchen, and enjoy a good time with Mary. Her love of interesting eats and techniques makes for a fun, food-filled time!