A Message from TULA's Creator

Discover Dr. Raj's inspiration to help women achieve balance & confidence in their skin.

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TULA is bringing innovation to complexion care through the use of probiotics in a range of skin care products. Founded by Dr. Roshini Rajapaksa, also known as Dr. Raj, each product is formulated with a probiotic complex, which contains yogurt; green tea; blueberry extracts; and vitamins A, C, and E. Fruit extracts are also incorporated into the line.

Dr. Raj is a gastroenterologist and busy mom who's made appearances on a variety of national TV shows. She believes that achieving both internal and external balance is an important part of feeling good. With TULA, she's created a simple collection of products designed to bring that sense of balance to every woman's daily skin care routine.

Dr. Raj believes that taking exceptional care of your skin is an important part of a balanced lifestyle. Experience TULA for yourself with their extensive line of products.

The TULA line includes a purifying face cleanser, an illuminating face serum, an eye cream, and a day and night hydrating cream. Dr. Raj has designed these formulas to help reduce the appearance of dry lines and smooth & hydrate skin. They also may help fight free radical attack—so they deliver skin-nourishing benefits while also providing anti aging skin care solutions. We're excited to bring you this revolutionary approach to caring for your complexion and yourself.