Juicers 101

Mary to the rescue! Learn all about juicers right here.

Whether you're shopping for slow juice extractors or multispeed juice machines, you're in the right place. Discover the best juicers and the top brands at QVC.

If you're short on space, try compact kitchen tools from brands like Breville. These juice fountains may be small in size, but they can produce over two dozen ounces of juice at a time. Since they don't require peeling or slicing, you can use whole fruit and save yourself tons of preparation time. Because most models feature dishwasher-safe parts, they're easy to clean too.

To help you capture maximum vitamins and nutrients, check out juice extractors from brands like Omega. These devices are designed to masticate juice to keep oxidation to a minimum, and you can also use them to prepare nut butters and milks. Most feature multistage operations, so you can fine-tune your juicing technique.

When you want to take it a little slower, try a slow juicer from brands like Hurom. These high-end devices can do it all, including making juice, pressing tofu, and preparing ice cream.

From Breville and Brentwood to Hurom and Kuvings, QVC has all your favorite citrus juicer and small appliance brands. Shop the extensive collection of juicers and juice extractors at QVC today.