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Even if your phone is in a bag or a pocket, it is still subjected to scratches, scuffs, nicks, and chips. Phone cases help protect your cell phone from these problems, as well as damage from drops.

Some phone cases are put on and only removed to clean the phone, but they can make the overall phone a little larger. These cell phone cases typically help provide more protection for rugged use. Consider these phone cases if you spend a lot of time outdoors with your cell phone, are generally rough on phones, or just want the peace of mind that maximum protection with a little extra bulk brings.

Other cases help protect the phone mainly when it is not in use. These are generally wallets or pouches that require you to remove the cell phone before use, but they avoid the extra bulk and can be a little more fashionable and refined. These types of cell phone cases are best used by people with office jobs who are careful with the use of their cell phone.

Decide which type of phone case best suits your needs. The best phone case for you depends on whether maximum protection or easy removal is a priority for you.