Lucid mattresses come in a variety of materials, firmness, and sizes to match your size, body shape, and sleeping style. For example, side sleepers might prefer a plush or softer mattress. A larger-frame person might want a medium-firm mattress.

A good mattress can help enormously in getting a good night's sleep. A gel-infused Lucid Memory Foam Mattress conforms to the sleeper's shape and size. Tossing and turning is likely to interfere with sleep. Because the support is so good with a memory foam mattress, tossing and turning are reduced and the sleeper gets a better night's sleep. Body weight is more evenly distributed which eliminates painful pressure points. If you wake up with congested sinuses, this can be due to allergens in your bedding. The Lucid bed is allergen-resistant, so you can breathe easier as you sleep.

Gel memory foam provides a cooler sleep which is good news for anyone who might tend to sleep “hot”. The gel-infused mattresses also spring back more quickly, something people sometimes miss in memory foam mattresses. This makes it a good choice for someone who moves around a lot in their sleep. Get a comfortable, enjoyable rest with a new mattress, available to suit every sleeper's needs.