Recipe for Success

Temp-tations® Ovenware is created by and for family! Find out what tempted Tara Tesher to start her famous family business.

3 Things You Didn't Know About…

Host Rick Domeier


  1. Back in the '80s I sang in a rock band called "The Mysterious Visitors." We were legends in our own minds.
  2. During my acting days I worked as an Oyster Bar chef. I won an Oyster shucking contest and my nickname was "One Bad Mother Shucker."
  3. As a former rock climber, I scaled the QVC building in 1994. Why I was wearing a suit, I do not remember.

WEN Challenge

QVC social correspondent Sloane used WEN products for 30 days. Take a look at why she’s definitely a WEN girl.

Get Ready to Greet Fall!

Valerie Parr Hill, QVC’s resident home décor expert, offers tips for decorating with the wonderful colors nature gives us.


Fall 2018 color trend—try ivory!

Add a little sparkle to fall hues.

Layer mums with pumpkins for perky pops of color.

Love setting an autumn table? Try my amber goblets and mini ceramic pumpkins at each place.


Now you’re ready to greet family and friends with a warm harvest welcome!

Simply Spoil Yourself

Make Some Me Time Before the Back-to-School Bell Rings!


Pamper yourself with in-home spa treatments, a fall wardrobe makeover, new home décor, and more.

It Shore Is Christmas in July®

A QVC Christmas tradition, Jim’s been putting a little whimsy and wonder in your holidays for 15 years. Now he shares the story behind his festive figurines.

Happy Glamper

Glamorous camping brings nature and luxury together. We’ll show you how to experience the great outdoors without having to endure the great outdoors.

Cool for School

The QVC Nerds are back with their top picks for computers and electronics for high school, college, and post-grad students. They’ll take the mystery out of prepping for classes.

What Bloggers Are Loving

Barefoot Dreams, Bose, JAI Jewelry, and Dyson—find out what bloggers love about these top brands and why.

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