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The technology to make things happen without manual input has been around for decades. But recent innovations in the smart home industry are making home automation products a part of everyday life that we can expect to encounter with increasing frequency. It's all part of the Internet of Things, which comprises everything from items we use daily—such as cell phones, coffee makers, wearable devices & more—to complex machines, all wired into the Internet and possessing capabilities that include communicating, sending information, and taking commands.

As we all seem to get busier by the minute, turning to smart home technology for assistance managing our time and staying on track makes more sense than ever. An easy-to-use controller, like the Amazon Echo, can help with such routine tasks as keeping track of your grocery list, turning lights on and off, playing the music you want to hear, and beyond. Once you discover how helpful a home automation system can be, you'll want to explore all the ways you can complete a transformation for your smart house.

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