The Story Behind the Brand

We invented our Gourmet Caramel Apple over 30 years ago using the finest ingredients—orchard-fresh apples, decadent small-batch caramel, premium nuts, and the finest chocolates—to create a truly unique and indulgent confection.

A love for sweet treats and extensive experience in the food industry has enabled our CEO and owner, Brandon Beavers, to grow Mrs. Prindable's to the nationally recognized brand it is today. Brandon inherited his passion for entrepreneurship from his father, who founded our parent company in 1999.

What began as a baking business, Brandon and his family have since expanded to manufacture a wide variety of food products around the Chicagoland area, including Mrs. Prindable's.

Information provided by Mrs. Prindable's.  

Great to give, get, and enjoy, Mrs. Prindable's has sweet treats for every occasion. From candy and cake to gourmet apples and chocolate, there's something indulgent for every holiday, event, and just-because moment.

Giant apples covered in caramel, chocolate, and toppings—need we say more? These delicious and decadent apples can be sliced up for your next get-together or given to friends and family as a gift.

Package a tasty apple with Mrs. Prindable's candy or cake and you have one delicious selection. Any of these unique treats (or a combination!) are perfect for dessert and can be kept on hand for those undeniable sweet cravings.