Givenchy: daringly different & thoroughly modern luxury products.

French luxury at its finest—fit for the world stage. Givenchy is an industry tour de force known for its iconic fashion, groundbreaking cosmetic & skin care lines, sensual perfumes, and legendary runway presence. Immerse yourself in Givenchy beauty at to discover the DNA of a statement maker.

Delve into a red-hot assortment of classic and contemporary Givenchy makeup to suit your needs—and satisfy your desires. Look radiant and flawless with incredible foundation balms, rich jelly blushes, and luminescent moisturizing creams. Make a dramatic entrance with easy-breezy eyeliners, pucker up for lipstick hues that pop, and elevate your cosmetic arsenal with perfect palettes. Whatever your beauty regimen, you’re sure to find products that spark intrigue.

Elegant and irresistible, Givenchy perfume takes you on a journey of the spirit. Layers of dazzling and subtle notes find harmony and balance, creating an aura like no other. Celebrate any occasion with scents that blend sweet florals, jasmine, cranberry, tea, sandalwood, mimosa, and more. A few simple spritzes of the crystalline solution is all you need to shine like the brightest of stars. The Givenchy perfume assortment makes waves with eye-catching, understated packaging that you’ll want to collect with passion.

Givenchy haute couture, beauty, and fragrance is the stuff of dreams. When you try these finely crafted products, it’s easy to understand why the Givenchy brand has true staying power. Each thoughtful piece—whether in beauty, fragrance, fashion, and more—delivers an exceptional experience.