WEN by Chaz Dean

Cleanse, condition & treat your hair & body with this unique line. 

WEN hair products are a new approach to the way you cleanse, condition, style, and care for your locks. While working in a salon, Chaz Dean made it his mission to offer alternatives to traditional shampoo. The result? WEN cleansing conditioners.

Chaz Dean's cleansing conditioners started the WEN hair-care revolution. Not only do they cleanse and condition your locks, but they also help improve its sheen, moisture, and manageability. While each of his formulas benefits all hair types, some are specially developed to address common concerns. Fig is specifically created for thick, coarse, or curly hair. Lavender is ideal for those who have fine, thin hair. Cucumber Aloe is perfect for people with fine or dry hair and oily scalps. Tea Tree is formulated for men and women with dry hair. Pomegranate, Sweet Almond Mint, Bamboo Green Tea, Six Thirteen, and the highly anticipated Seasonal scents are universal formulas designed to work for everyone. No matter your hair type, we have WEN cleansing conditioners for you.

WEN by Chaz Dean goes beyond cleansing conditioners and offers styling products, including hair serum, treatment oil, creme, mousse, and texture balm, that help make your locks look soft, beautiful, and manageable. Chaz's belief in the use of good-for-you ingredients is reflected in each of his WEN hair products, as well as in his body-care formulas, which help beautify your skin.