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The Rowenta story begins back in 1909 when German inventor Robert Ferdinand August Weintraud officially founded the company that became the Rowenta we know and love today. The foundation for a successful home appliance company was set; Rowenta was already known for producing high-quality office supplies, lighting, and timepieces. The first Rowenta iron was unveiled 10 years later and was declared an immediate success. Always on the cutting edge, they released six new electric iron models in the four years that followed. Each iron was better than the last and boasted more field-tested features and convenient details than the one that came before.

But Rowenta's constant drive to improve didn't stop there. Today, Rowenta has a well-deserved reputation as the manufacturer of the best garment steamers and irons available. So maintain your favorite fabrics with steamers, ironing boards, and more from Rowenta. Thanks to Rowenta's steam irons, you can keep your clothes wrinkle-free and ready to go in a moment's notice. Shop QVC for the latest garment care breakthroughs from Rowenta now.