The Oreck company was founded in 1963 by David Oreck. Designed with the everyday homeowner in mind, the first of the many Oreck upright vacuums to follow was a powerful and lightweight sight to behold. For many customers, the Oreck vacuum was a long-overdue invention, and they happily replaced the heavy vacuums that they struggled to use in the past.

The Oreck company began as a manufacturer of upright vacuums for the hotel industry. Today they're best known for the cleaning solutions they sell to hotels and homes in the U.S., Canada, and certain parts of Europe. As hotel patrons came to recognize and appreciate the Oreck name, the company began to offer their products directly to the consumer. In a market dominated by heavy machines that were difficult to maneuver, the company succeeded by offering lightweight yet powerful handheld vacuums that could be easily navigated around a typical home. Select models can even clean carpets, tiles, hardwood floors, and rugs.

Oreck offers an assortment of home products including steam mops and beyond. Oreck can also help you breathe easy with HEPA air purifiers that can help reduce dust, allergens, pet dander, and cigarette smoke—although they're not meant to treat or mitigate any medical condition. It's all part of what sets Oreck apart: simple solutions that focus on the real needs of their customers. So shop QVC for Oreck vacuums & more today.