Stop standing on chairs and toppling off your household furniture when you need to reach high places around the house. Grab items with ease thanks to QVC's collection of step stools & ladders. You'll find yourself reaching for these lightweight step stools every day to access high shelves and cabinets, change lightbulbs, hang picture frames, paint hard-to-reach walls or ceilings, adjust blinds, and much more.

Make sure you have a safe solution both indoors and out for elderly parents and kids to use. Telescopic ladders extend and retract for easy storage. Keep an extra folding step stool in your garage to reach out-of-the-way tools that are stored on high shelves.

Step ladders are essential for decorating your Christmas tree and could become a central part of your holiday celebration as you listen to carols while hanging ornaments on high branches or string holiday lights across the front of your house. QVC stocks everything from uniquely decorated step stools to state-of-the-art, lightweight folding step stools, so you're sure to find whatever you need for your home. Cute step stools make fun gifts for family members and friends who love cooking or yardwork, since they're sure to come in handy in the kitchen and on the patio.