Item Number

Style Piece: Jacket

DescriptionXS S M L XL
Front Body Length from HPS Up to 36" 24.7525.3752626.62527.25
Back Body Length from HPS Up to 36" 24.2524.87525.526.12526.75
Chest Circumference, 1" Below Armhole 3840.5434649.5
Across Front 12.2512.87513.514.2515.125
Across Back 12.7513.3751414.7515.625
Waist Circumference 37.539.54245.549.5
Sleeve Length from CB 31.53232.533.12533.875
Muscle Circumference 1" Below Armhole 1415161718.25
Sleeve Opening Circumference Relaxed
Sleeve Opening Circumference Extended
Back Neck Drop from Imaginary Line at HPS 0.750.87511.251.25
Neck Width
Bottom Opening Circumference - EXTENDED 3739.5424548.5
Bottom Opening Circ. Relaxed at bottom of RIB 3234.5374043.5
Front Hood Length at Center front 13.37514.12514.514.87515.25
Hood Height from HPS 13.513.751414.2514.5
Hood Depth 6 inches down from front edge 10.37510.7511.12511.511.875
Front Neck Drop from HPS 44.1254.254.3754.5
Waist Placement from HPS 14.2514.6251515.516