Item Number

Style Piece: 1X2X3X

Front Hood Length15.515.7516
Hood Width10.510.7511
XChest 5 / 5.5" HPS set in slv12.513.514.5
XBack 5.5 / 6" HPS set in slv15.2516.2517.25
Waist Circ 16.5" from HPS495357
Front Body Length From HPS.2727.528
Sweep Straight465054
Long Sleeve Length from CB3434.535
Front Raglan Armhole Length12.7513.514.25
Back Raglan Armhole Length14.515.2516
Muscle Circ 1" below Armhole19.520.7522
Long Sleeve Opening Circ9.51010.5
Frt nk Drop Img line to seam4.54.755
Bck nk Drop Img line to seam1.251.3751.5
Neck Width Seam to Seam99.259.5
Chest Circ 1" below Armhole525660

Style Piece: XXS - XL

Front Hood Length14.514.751515.2515.515.75
Hood Width1010.2510.510.751111.25
XChest 5 / 5.5" HPS set in slv9.51010.51111.7512.5
XBack 5.5 / 6" HPS set in slv12.2512.7513.2513.7514.515.25
Waist Circ 15.5" from HPS353739414447
Front Body Length From HPS.2424.52525.52626.5
Sweep Straight323436384144
Long Sleeve Length from CB31.532.253333.7534.62535.5
Front Raglan Armhole Length9.51010.51111.62512.25
Back Raglan Armhole Length11.51212.51313.62514.25
Muscle Circ 1" below Armhole1515.7516.517.2518.2519.25
Long Sleeve Opening Circ88.258.58.7599.25
Frt nk Drop Img line to seam3.53.7544.254.54.75
Bck nk Drop Img line to seam0.750.87511.1251.251.375
Neck Width Seam to Seam7.57.7588.258.58.75
Chest Circ 1" below Armhole384042444750