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Designed with the help of professional wrestler and entrepreneur George Foreman and first introduced in 1994, the line of grills that bear his name continues to satisfy hungry customers around the country. Foreman was known for his pre-match ritual: the consumption of two reduced-fat hamburgers, a habit that made him an ideal spokesperson for an electric grill that can help reduce fat intake by capturing excess grease and fat in the included drip tray. Renowned for its portability and ease of use, millions of indoor grills have been sold since its debut.

Now that you're better acquainted with the incredible assortment of portable grills from George Foreman, let's find out what you can make! You can easily prepare scrumptious omelets, pizzas, hamburgers, and more. Plus, there's no reason to keep the flavor party inside: just pick up an outdoor grill and head out into the sun. Best of all, select items, such as the George Foreman Evolve grill, come with removable plates you can put right in the dishwasher. So don't delay, shop QVC for George Foreman grills today.