Keep food hot and beverages cool with soft-sided totes and insulated carriers from California Innovations. With chic shapes and fun designs, these bags are not your everyday cooler. Choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns, from polka dots and stripes to florals.

Pack up everything you need for a summer picnic, from cheese and fruit to a bottle of wine, and keep it chilled and easy to carry in a California Innovations tote. Bring wine to a housewarming party or dinner at a BYOB restaurant in a cute insulated wine tote that will ensure you arrive looking stylish. Put together delicious creations in your kitchen at home and pack them up for the road. Friends will love inviting you to dinner when you show up with a California Innovations bag in hand since it means you'll be bringing yummy treats and drinks with you!

Taking a homemade lunch with you to work is a great way to save some money and eat healthy, but it's not very sophisticated to take your lunch in leftover plastic bags that don't keep your food cool. Pack your lunch in a California Innovations insulated tote and make your lunch look fabulous.