Make your favorite smoothies, juices, salsa, soups, and more with a high-tech kitchen blender by Blendtec. Known as the world's most advanced blender, Blendtec harnesses the power of technology and product innovation to make blending simpler and more effective than ever before. Classic blender models feature dishwasher-safe plastic blending jars and pre-programmed cycles so that it's easy to create the perfect blend. Then there are the latest Blendtec blender models to consider.

The newest blenders feature SmartBlend technology that acts as the "brain" of the blender. It can sense and identify any problems, and the most amazing feature of all is that it can tell you how to fix the problem! The system sends alerts for issues such as loading errors, overheating, and air pockets, and then helps you to resolve them. You can also start pre-programmed cycles via the illuminated touchscreen interface and clean the jar in the dishwasher.

If you're looking for incredible blending power and versatility, then add one of these blenders to your collection of quality kitchen gadgets. Shop the online kitchen store for Blendtec blenders and parts today. And if you're updating more than just your blender, be sure to browse the large selection of small appliances, as well.