Bauer's has been a name in the candy business for more than a century for one key reason — they make delicious and unique treats that are enjoyed far and wide. The distinctive modjeska is a scrumptious biscuit-style treat made with a creamy marshmallow center that is hand-dipped in a rich, homemade caramel. Shop QVC's collection of Bauer's candies to pick up a few boxes of these caramel candies today.

The warm caramel and creamy marshmallow treats are still made in small batches by hand according to the Bauer family's original recipe. Each individual modjeska is hand-wrapped, and they all come wrapped in gorgeous candy boxes. Created by a family-owned business, these caramel candies are infused with chocolate and are truly unique, handmade desserts.

Bauer's modjeskas make a unique and tasty gift for holiday parties, teachers, dog walkers, mail carriers, and all of the special people in your life. Stock up on several boxes to give away to friends and family or use as stocking stuffers during the holidays. These make a great holiday gift. They won't get anything else quite like these as a gift. Pick up a couple of boxes for yourself and your family, too. Trust us, these buttery, creamy goodies won't last long in your house!